Monday, December 3, 2012

Glitter polish removal

Hi polishers:) For those of you who like me loves glitter polish but find it a hassle to remove, my friend taught me a foolproof way to remove the glitter polish. I used round cotton pads, one for each nail, and cut aluminum foil pieces as big as the cotton pads.
I soaked the pads with nail polish remover(acetone) and placed the cotton pad on the fingernails. Then I wrap the aluminum foil on top of the cotton pad, as if it was a bandage, and left them on my fingertip for five minutes.I Put some pressure while removing the pad with aluminum foil and tada! Not one hint of glitter :) I hope I was able to teach you guys something new. If there are any other tricks that you might know of please let me know:) Thanks!

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