Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Original Pink Box

Happy Holidays:) I haven't been blogging in awhile because I have been sooo busy with the holidays and other things going on , but hopefully for the new year I can find some more time to blog .
I have been searching for a storage solution for all my polishes and makeup. I was checking out the Ikea Alex drawer in black,which matches my bedroom furniture. BUT.... As I was shopping with hubby in the tools department , I bumped into an attractive tool box that I will be purchasing and using to store my make up and nails... The original Pink Box :) It comes with Pink liners which is super girls and cute, but you can choose another color as a liner. I might do black and pink liners to give it an edgy look. The whole ensemble is around 500 dollars, and it had a lifetime warranty. You can't go wrong with this :)

Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Happy Friday Polishers:) I haven't had the time to swatch this week because it has been a crazy week, doctors appts, Xmas shopping , and everything else in between.
While I was Xmas shopping at the mall , and looking around at all kinds of different specialty stores, I realized that I've never seen a store dedicated only to nails and. Only nails. Wouldn't it be great to go into a store where they sell over a thousand nail polishes from all kinda of brands ? Something to think about. If there was any kind of specialty store that you've never seen and would like to see, what would it be about? What would they sell? I would like to hear your ideas.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Glitter polish removal

Hi polishers:) For those of you who like me loves glitter polish but find it a hassle to remove, my friend taught me a foolproof way to remove the glitter polish. I used round cotton pads, one for each nail, and cut aluminum foil pieces as big as the cotton pads.
I soaked the pads with nail polish remover(acetone) and placed the cotton pad on the fingernails. Then I wrap the aluminum foil on top of the cotton pad, as if it was a bandage, and left them on my fingertip for five minutes.I Put some pressure while removing the pad with aluminum foil and tada! Not one hint of glitter :) I hope I was able to teach you guys something new. If there are any other tricks that you might know of please let me know:) Thanks!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chrissy's Design

My wonderful daughter decided to do this design last night . She designs her own nails several times a week with a nail brush kit and dotting pens I ordered for her. For this design she used 2 coats of China Glaze Calypso Blue for the base , and China Glaze Adventures Red-y and Kiss French white nail polish for the lines.

Happy Sunday!

Good morning polish fans, today I decided to do a sparkly color while at work to lift up my spirits. I like to do my nails at work once in awhile at work because they tend to dry better and flawless versus when I'm at home because I'm always doing something . I
Used China Glaze Atlantis. I used two coats in this picture. I really like this color and feel that two coats makes it stand out even more. I